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Braddock's Pastors


Dr. Timothy Corder

Senior Pastor


Jonathan Gesin

Youth Pastor

Senior Pastor

dr. timothy corder

Senior Pastor

About our Pastor

Timothy was born in Dallas Texas, moved to California as a child, but raised primarily in Alaska.  Well that takes care of the three biggest states, he says having been run out of them by the time he was in his late teens, he thought he would try something new.   

Timothy came to Christ in those late teen years after dropping out of school and finding himself in trouble just about everywhere he turned.  Turning to Christ took him back to Dallas, Texas. There he met some Christians who were willing to put their lives on the line, saying such things like “follow me, for I follow Christ”. Timothy says he came to the place in a very short order of following authentic believers, where he had to have for himself, what he saw in these, a real relationship with the Lord.

Timothy enjoys teaching; both at church and at the college level, “The Word Of God” that is intended to illuminate “The God Of The Word”. He loves to see individuals light up when they come to understand; God had a plan from the beginning, God has been working His Plan, and God’s plan works.

In addition, Timothy enjoys riding his motorcycle and target shooting. He and wife Rebecca (Becky) also enjoy kayaking, hiking (really just strolling) and bike riding.   He is overjoyed whenever his children David and Emily just wish to spend some time with he and Becky.
Timothy has pastored Braddock Baptist Church (BBC) since 2008. He describes this as the highlight of his ministry.


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Youth Pastor

jonathan gesin

Youth Pastor

About our Youth Pastor

Hello Beloved, 


My name is Jonathan and this is my lovely wife, Brittany. We are so excited to do life with each of you.  If we haven’t yet, we would love to meet you.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share our heart for ministry. My wife and I have nothing to offer outside the Holy Spirit within us. We are here to proclaim the Word of God clearly to all who have an ear to hear. Every ministry of the church is important to us because when the body of Christ is fully functioning, everyone benefits. Please pray for our young people as they are the next generation to continue Kingdom Work. We would love to walk beside you as we seek God and serve others together here at Braddock!

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