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Elaine Comer

Chairman of the Deacons

Roselle Aguilar & Stephanie Treat

Serving families A-D

Sunny Masih & Mandresy A.

Serving families E-P

Mitch & Nancy Bennett

Serving families Q-Z

What is a Deacon?

Acts 6:1-7 discusses the need for helpers in the body of Christ in the early church. Simply stated, our deacons serve. They join together to pray for the needs of the church, church members and serve the needs of the church. They are often the first to hear of the needs in the church, respond with prayer, and meet the needs of the family both spiritually and physically. They prepare meals, give rides as needed, help around the church, and bend their ear in order to encourage that member (or family). Their ultimate desire in the church is to help people in the church in their walk with the Lord and to keep believing God and in His faithfulness. Currently, Braddock has 3 teams of 2 deacons (6 total) serving the families of Braddock. They are listed above. 

Please email with any questions you may have regarding deacons.

Deacon Qualifications
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