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English as Second Language

Fall classes for ESL (10 am) and GED (noon) are TBD.


ESL has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginning and intermediate levels will use the Exploring English textbooks. The advanced level will use Economical Writing by Deirdre McCloskey. Economical Writing is “the best short guide to academic prose,” pointed and entertaining. High school and college students and anyone who wants to improve in technical writing are welcome to attend the advanced class.
The GED class (noon until 1:15) is wandering through selected topics to develop math literacy. Current topics include algebra (solving linear equations) and trigonometry (working with angles). High school and college students and anyone who wants to improve in math literacy are welcome to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently asked questions about our English class


Q: Do we have an English class? A: Yes

Q: How much does it cost? A: Nothing, it’s free, except for the book.

Q: Tell me about the book? A: The book is a standard textbook in English. It costs about $25 for the year. If that’s too much, we’ll help you with the cost.

Q: When is the class? A: It’s Saturday morning from 10-12.

Q: How do I register? A: Just come.

Q: Why should I come? A: You need to learn more English. We are eager to help you learn.

Q: I know almost no English. Should I still come? A: Yes, we have a beginner’s class.

Q: I already know some English. Should I still come? Yes, we have intermediate and advanced classes.

Q: Are the teachers experienced? A: Yes, experienced and dedicated.

Q: What’s the class like? A: There is a lot of variety including  pronunciation, exercises, songs, puzzles, games, reading, and discussion. The class is relaxed. We take a break for food.


Preguntas communes sobre nuestra clase de Ingles


P: Tenemos clase de Ingles? R: Si

P: Cuanto cuesta? R: Es gratis, pero debes compar un libro.

P: Digame sobre el libro? R: El libro es una guia para aprender Ingles. Cuesta mas o menos $25 y es para todo el año. Si es demasiado, te ayudaremos.

P: Cuando es la clase? R: Sabados por la mañana de 10 a mediodia.

P: Como y donde me inscribo? R: Solo venga al salon ubicado en Braddock Baptist Church 6519 Braddock Road en Alexandria cerca de Home Depot.

P: Porque debo venir? R: Necesitas aprender Ingles. Deseamos ayudarte.

P: Casi no se hablar Ingles. A pesar de eso, debo venir? R: Si, tenemos una clase para principiantes.

P:. Ya se algo de Ingles. Debo venir? R: Si, hay clases intermedia y avanzadas

P: Los profesores tienen experiencia? R: Si, tienen experiencia y dedicacion.

P: Como es la clase? R: Hay mucha variedad, incluso  pronunciacion, ejercisios, canciones, rompecabezas, juegos, leer, y hablar. La clase es relajada . Tenemos un tiempo para merendar.

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